The most lightweight

The first carbon fiber spray gun in the market

Bossauto Innova offers the latest trend in spray guns. Our newest release is the GENESI CARBONIO 360 HTE from Walcom, the only spray gun in the market with a carbon fiber body. Lightweight, ergonomic and balanced, this spray gun allows to work comfortably thanks to its 360 g weight, providing a better handling during the painting process to obtain the best results with much less effort. We are able to control its 2,0 bar working pressure and its 300 l/min air consumption with the an easy connectable air inlet pressure regulator and the digital regulator.

Work with the newest product in the market thanks to the GENESI CARBONIO 360 HTE spray gun and the BPS, an amazing combination to save time and money. The GENESI CARBONIO 360 HTE spray gun from Walcom comes in a case along with a cup, a repairing kit and a manometer. From Bossauto Innova, we offer to our partners the Walcom spray guns, which are considered as one of the best products in the market.

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